Fresh Ways To Wear A White Shirt

White shirt, I’m sure you have one.
by Mark Baccay

White shirt, I’m sure you have one. You might have worn it out or tired of it, but your plain white tees don’t have to sit lost in the depths of your wardrobe.

Since the 19th century, when fashion symbolized wealth and social status, the classic white tees have been a trademark – a timeless, versatile staple that never goes out of style. From Elvis Presley, James Dean to the newest fashion icons, the classic white tee never lost its glory.

A white top is one versatile piece of investment. Why? Because it easily dresses you up, or it dresses you down. Think of it like a blank canvas around which you can build any look you want to pull off.

Here are some ways to wear a white shirt to fit every occasion and style.


White Shirt With Shorts

Nothing says ‘comfort’ like a white linen tee and a pair of shorts.  This look is super easy to do and so comfortable to wear as well!  This combo of a white shirt and shorts is proof that a safe look doesn’t have to be boring. Definitely a modern on and off-duty mix.


White Shirt With Chinos & Linen

Thinking of what to wear in a casual gathering can be frustrating. For some, it’s a real a hustle to balance out an outfit. But when in doubt, put on some white tees. You can’t go wrong with a plain shirt. Remember that.  The white shirt with the chinos & linen mix is perfect for any occasion. Finish with dark brown leather driving shoes to upgrade your outfit.


White Tee & WindBreaker

This year, the WindBreaker transitioned from an athlete must have to menswear essential. And there’s nothing works better with it than another our classic piece, the white tee. If you are into street style and obsessing over WindBreakers, this look with the white tee is something you need to try out.

Windbreaker BY H&M

White Tee & Suit.

Let’s talk about dressing up and dressing down. This mix is a perfect representation of how versatile the classic white tee is — a true staple of gentlemanly elegance.

Suit trousers Skinny Fit - Black - | H&M 2

Suit trousers Skinny Fit – Black – | H&M 2

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