Style Guide For Men: Take It From These Five Fashion Mavens

Gone are the days when men's fashion was boxed by the same stereotypical "rugged and dirty" look.
by Mark Baccay

Gone are the days when men’s fashion was boxed by the same stereotypical “rugged and dirty” look. There’s more to being stylish than just class, sophistication, and finesse. Dressing well is a form of good manners and showing people that you care. This year, let every man take it up a notch and make them flaunt their sense of style. 2019 is a year of discovery and breaking stereotypes.


Look at these classy and well-groomed Filipino bloggers who have embraced their signature fashion statement.


David Guison

Let’s start the list with the king of Instagram himself, David Guison. David Guison started way back in 2009. His style has evolved into a stern yet classy in a heartbeat. With his boy-next-door style, it’s undeniable that David Guison owns IG! Thanks to his impeccable fashion sense.

Mikyle Quizon

Mikyle Quizon’s style is perfect for you if you have an inner Rockstar. His vintage take on his style is nothing but edgy and fierce. His aesthetic is very achievable with boots, skinny jeans, and glasses. Easy, right? But importantly, don’t forget to put on the rockstar attitude.

Miko Carreon

If you’re always on the go but still want to look stylish, Miko Carreon is your man. His style is on the edgy and neat side of the streetwear. A mixture of Korean and Japan casual style that works. Works.

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Jeffrey Lawrence Pacer Ong

If you are a minimalist kind of guy, Jeffrey Lawrence Pacer Ong got your back! You can describe his aesthetic as laidback and chill.  His minimal street aesthetic fits any occasion. From a Polo shirt to a basic white tee, his style is on point.

Kerwin King

Kerwin King is the sweet boy on the block. His style proves that men can wear pastel and look good in it. His eye for color blocking is something every man should take note.

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